Hotel facilities

Are there ice machines?
Yes, there is one ice machine on 000

Are there microwaves?
Yes, microwaves are placed next to the vending machines on 000

Are there vending machines?
Yes, there are vending machines on 0000

Are there coin-operated laundry machines?
Yes, there are laundry machines on 0000

Are there cigarette machines?
Unfortunately, there are no cigarette machines in our hotel. If you wish to buy some, please visit the convenience store nearby.

Do you allow smoking in a guest room?
Yes, we have both smoking and non-smoking rooms. Please make sure to reserve the smoking room in advance. Guests can also use the designated smoking space on 0000

What time do you serve breakfast?
Breakfast is served between 7am-10:30am at the Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo on 2F.

Are there any on-site restaurants?
Yes, we have restaurant the Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo on 2F.